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Malaysian Constitution

History A constitutional conference was held in London from 18th January to 6th February 1956 attended by a delegation from the Federation of Malaya , consisting of four representatives of the Rulers, the Chief Minister of the Federation (Tunku Abdul Rahman) and three other ministers, and also by the British High Commissioner in Malaya and his advisers. The conference proposed the appointment of an independent commission to devise a constitution for a fully self-governing and independent Federation of Malaya . This proposal was accepted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Malay Rulers.

Malaysia – Federal Constitution & Social Contract

by Prof. Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi
Professor of Law and Legal Advisor
Universiti Teknologi MARA


Despite many challenges to national unity it can be stated with confidence that Malaysia has an exemplary record of racial, cultural and religious tolerance.

The document of destiny that was adopted as the Constitution bore the mark of idealism as well as realism. It blended the old and the new, the indigenous and the imported.

The ideas of Westminster and the experience of India mingled with those of Malaya to produce a unique form of government. The Malay-Muslim features of the Constitution are balanced by other provisions suitable for a multi-racial and multi-religious society.

Malay privileges are offset by safeguards for the interest of other communities. The spirit that animates the Constitution is one of moderation, compassion and compromise.Let us examine the Constitution in relation to the following features:

  • Citizenship Provisions
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Provisions Relating to Education
  • Provisions Relating to Language
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Politics of Accommodation
  • Special Rights of Sabah and Sarawak
  • Islamisation
  • Article 153
  • Administrative Practices