Tenant Agreement


This Tenancy Agreement with almost no modification will suit almost every commercial leasing situation. The situation where this lease is inappropriate is a lease where the parties anticipate extensive tenant improvements. Before using this agreement, read it carefully and be certain that the language is as you want it. If it is not, modify it carefully. Tenants, it is strongly recommended that you read the entire Tenancy Agreement before you sign it. Your landlord will usually be up to modifying some of the language if you can show how it will benefit both parties. STAMPING: Prepare two (2) copies of the Tenancy Agreement. Get these Agreements stamp the Inland Revenue Board or Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri in your area.

The normal stamp-duty is around RM20.00. COPY OF AGREEMENT: The Landlord should have the original copy of the Stamp Document and the Tenant the duplicate copy of the Stamp Document. Both should keep your Tenancy Agreement in your safe deposit box or place. Tenant Agreement for Malaysian

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