The History of Paskal or "Pasukan Khas Laut" began in 1975, when The Royal Malaysian Navy saw a need for a security regiment trained in modern maritime warfare. It's main purpose is to protect naval bases all over Malaysia. The first batch of 30 officers and men were sent to Central Commando Training Center located at Sg Udang Melaka, Indonesia KOPASKA (TNI-AL/Indonesian Navy Underwater Combat Unit), Royal Marine Commando, UK and BUD-SEAL, USA. On 1st October 1980, PASKAL was officially established when the Government started to enforce the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) which covered 200 nautical miles off Malaysian waters. Other than that, there was also a requirement to protect Malaysian offshore stations near the disputed Spratly island. Therefore, "Pasukan Khas Laut" (PASKAL) an elite navy commando team was formed on 1st October 1982 that able to execute military combat in total at sea, air and land. PASKAL has an associate training program abroad such as the SAS/UK, NGSLO , BUD/SEAL, EOD - USA, Submarine Escape - Australia, Assault Swimmer - Australia, Clearance Diver - Australia/USA, Sniper Supervisor - Australia and Mountain Climbing - France, SASR Australia etc. On 26 August 1991, the National Security Council declared NAVY PASKAL is the main task force team to neutralize any terrorist attempt against oil rigs and oil tanker/ship and to act as one of the elements in Pasukan Aturgerak Cepat (PAC) or "Immediate Response Team". Today, PASKAL is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated weaponary and gadgets, such as night vision, sub skimmer (UDV), laser-guided assault rifle etc. Today, many among military personnel in the country, laud them to be the best operative special force in the region.

Subskimmer DPV

Weapon selection and use is a confidential issue. Nevertheless, with rumors of financing from a consortium of 30+ oil companies with offshore assets in Malaysian waters, Paskal's inventory includes some of the most advanced and sophisticated equipment in the Armed Forces. Today, PASKAL is equipped with modern weaponry and gadgets, such as night vision devices, subskimmer (DPV), laser-guided assault rifle. There's the wide array the weapons of PASKAL.

FN P90 PDW - Submachineguns
HK MP5SD2 - Submachineguns
HK MP5A5 - Submachineguns

HK MP5K PDW - Submachineguns

AK102 - Assault Rifle
Colt M4A1 - Assault Rifle

Franchi SPAS-12 - Shotguns

Colt M16A1 / 653 - Assault Rifle
Steyr AUG - Assault Rifle
Mossberg 500 - Shotguns

Remington 870 - Shotguns
Accuracy International AWM - Sniper

HK G3/SG-1 - Sniper

Others :

'Sniper Rifles:' HK MSG-90, HK PSG-1.
'Anti-Material Rifles:' Barrett M82
'Machineguns:' CETME Ameli, FN Minimi.
'Grenade Launchers:' M203
'Recoilless Rifles:' Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
'Air Defenses:' Starburst VSHORADS

PASKAL is widely considered to be the best trained, equipped and supported unit in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

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