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How to Tell Your Nervous Thoughts Are Out of Control

What makes anxiety frustrating at first is that many people do not know they have it. Their nervous thoughts feel completely normal. When someone develops anxiety, they may notice that they find more and more things to inspire feelings of nervousness. Yet to them, these are genuinely anxiety-producing stimuli.

Usually physical symptoms are the first sign that you have developed an anxiety disorder. When your nervousness tends to cause:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Severe muscle tension
  • Weakness
  • Nausea or feelings of illness

These are often a sign that your anxiety is getting worse. Furthermore, those with anxiety often have thoughts that cascade to worst case scenarios. They cannot control a nervous thought themselves, and may even have flashes of worst-case-scenario thinking that no one can talk them out of.

It's this unprompted, potentially out of control nervousness that indicates something is wrong with your coping ability. If this nervousness is paired with physical anxiety symptoms, it is an even greater indicator that you may be suffering from a very real anxiety problem.

Ways to Treat Nervousness

The muslim way…

Kadang-kadang semasa menunggu giliran untuk temuduga degupan jantung akan bertambah kuat. Justeru itu anda disarankan supaya memegang dada sebelah kiri anda dengan tangan kanan dan baca ayat berikut sebanyak 7x. Insyallah darah gemuruh akan reda. Yakin dan ia menjadi..

La Takhaf Wa La Tahzan. Innallaha Ma’ana 

“Janganlah kamu takut dan janganlah kamu bersedih hati. Sesungguhnya Allah ada bersama kita”

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