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Tenant Agreement


This Tenancy Agreement with almost no modification will suit almost every commercial leasing situation. The situation where this lease is inappropriate is a lease where the parties anticipate extensive tenant improvements. Before using this agreement, read it carefully and be certain that the language is as you want it. If it is not, modify it carefully. Tenants, it is strongly recommended that you read the entire Tenancy Agreement before you sign it. Your landlord will usually be up to modifying some of the language if you can show how it will benefit both parties. STAMPING: Prepare two (2) copies of the Tenancy Agreement. Get these Agreements stamp the Inland Revenue Board or Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri in your area.

Malaysian Court


The Federal Court of Malaysia is the highest judicial authority and the final court of appeal in Malaysia. The country, although federally constituted, has a single-structured judicial system consisting of two parts – the superior courts and the subordinate courts.

Malaysian Constitution

History A constitutional conference was held in London from 18th January to 6th February 1956 attended by a delegation from the Federation of Malaya , consisting of four representatives of the Rulers, the Chief Minister of the Federation (Tunku Abdul Rahman) and three other ministers, and also by the British High Commissioner in Malaya and his advisers. The conference proposed the appointment of an independent commission to devise a constitution for a fully self-governing and independent Federation of Malaya . This proposal was accepted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Malay Rulers.

Malaysian Special Forces


Written by Leroy Thompson.

From counter-guerilla warfare to ship boardings—four specialized units!

Malaysia is a country home to a diverse population of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. In addition to the Malay Peninsula, Malaysia incorporates the states of Sarawak and Sabah on the island of Borneo. These two states are approximately 400 miles from the mainland of Malaysia. Sabah is interesting from the point of view of special ops forces, as tribesmen from Sarawak are renowned as trackers and have been used by the British SAS (Special Air Service). Malaysia is rich in natural resources and has a booming economy, which makes it an appealing target for terrorists and other aggressors.



The History of Paskal or "Pasukan Khas Laut" began in 1975, when The Royal Malaysian Navy saw a need for a security regiment trained in modern maritime warfare. It's main purpose is to protect naval bases all over Malaysia. The first batch of 30 officers and men were sent to Central Commando Training Center located at Sg Udang Melaka, Indonesia KOPASKA (TNI-AL/Indonesian Navy Underwater Combat Unit), Royal Marine Commando, UK and BUD-SEAL, USA. On 1st October 1980, PASKAL was officially established when the Government started to enforce the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) which covered 200 nautical miles off Malaysian waters. Other than that, there was also a requirement to protect Malaysian offshore stations near the disputed Spratly island. Therefore, "Pasukan Khas Laut" (PASKAL) an elite navy commando team was formed on 1st October 1982 that able to execute military combat in total at sea, air and land. PASKAL has an associate training program abroad such as the SAS/UK, NGSLO , BUD/SEAL, EOD - USA, Submarine Escape - Australia, Assault Swimmer - Australia, Clearance Diver - Australia/USA, Sniper Supervisor - Australia and Mountain Climbing - France, SASR Australia etc. On 26 August 1991, the National Security Council declared NAVY PASKAL is the main task force team to neutralize any terrorist attempt against oil rigs and oil tanker/ship and to act as one of the elements in Pasukan Aturgerak Cepat (PAC) or "Immediate Response Team". Today, PASKAL is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated weaponary and gadgets, such as night vision, sub skimmer (UDV), laser-guided assault rifle etc. Today, many among military personnel in the country, laud them to be the best operative special force in the region.